Mar Vista Staff: Janice Reed

Janice and Lucy mediumJanice, the newest member of our technical staff, is originally a native of Oregon and she received her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Oregon. Passionate about all animals, Janice's future plan is to attend Veterinary School and specialize in the treatment of large breed dogs.

In her spare time, Janice has many pursuits, including photography, sailing, skiing, working as a referee for Murderball (wheelchair rugby games), and spending time with her own large breed dog, a friendly Rottweiler named Tacoma, and his many friends.

Janice anesthetizing dog


Janice at sink







Janice with Topo Gonzales

Areas of special training/completed continuing education classes:

  Fleas From A to Z
  Zoonotic Diseases 101
  Zoonotic Diseases 102
  Companion Animal Dentistry 101
  Basic Principles of Pharmacology
  Companion Animal Dentistry 101
  Managing Canine Pain