Mar Vista Staff: Rin Lennon

RinIn her off hours, Rin plays in the local band Monogroove. Often performing at local clubs in Los Angeles, Rin is the guitar player and singer/songwriter. At home, when not fixing up her new house, she takes care of her own menagerie: 8 cats (Church, Puppy, Brair, Salem, Hercules, Goliath, Zeus and Bam Bam) and three dogs (Izzy, Justin and Patch).

Rin in treatment room


Areas of special training/completed continuing education classes:

  Small Animal Anesthesia, Part 2
  Dentistry for Veterinary Technicians
  Fleas from A to Z
  Ticks from A to Z
  Zoonotic Diseases 101
  Zoonotic Diseases 102
  Companion Animal Dentistry 102
  The True Nature of Triage
  The Sparkle Technique and
    Other Bright Ideas in Radiographic Imaging