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February 2015

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National Veterinary Dental Month

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Dental Discount Program Information

Special Pricing through March 15
(or after March 15 as long as it is scheduled by March 15)

It’s Time to Think About Your Pet’s Teeth

calico cat yawning mf

(Photocredit: Morguefile.com)

Plaque mineralizes into tartar after 4 hours. The key is to get rid of it before that happens and nothing works like brushing (which is why we do it). But not every pet is amenable to that, nor is every schedule.

How do you brush a dog’s (or cat’s) teeth anyway?

      Video showing how to brush your pet's teeth:



Other options include:

OraVet small 2

TD feline bag small

Enzadent small 3

CET VeggieDent small


Dental Diets

Mouth Wash

Special Dental Chews

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They’re the guys who test all this stuff and make sure it really does what it says it will.

To see what they’ve approved and how they did it:



This is very similar to what your own dentist does and just as with your own teeth, your pet.s teeth need a cleaning every 6 - 12 months.

Oscar doing canine dental scalingThere are six steps to the professional cleaning:

  1. The teeth are scaled with an ultrasonic scaler similar to the scaler your own dentist uses

  2. Oscar doing canine dental probeOnce tartar is removed from the teeth, the periodontal space (the space where the tooth and gum meet) is probed and any debris containing pockets are measured for depth.

  3. These pockets are cleaned and the tooth roots are cleaned with a hand instrument called a dental curet.Oscar doing canine dental polish
  4. The teeth are polished with prophy paste the same way your teeth are polished at the dentist.

  5. Oscar filling out canine dental chartA protective covering of OraVet® paste is applied to prevent plaque from forming on the newly cleaned tooth. This lasts a week or so. Any periodontal pockets are filled with an antibiotic gel.
  6. A complete dental chart is made listing any abnormalities found on each tooth individually.

All this must be done under general anesthesia to allow proper access to each tooth and the area under the gum and to minimize anxiety and discomfort for the patient.

GENERAL ANESTHESIA is needed to accomplish professional cleaning.

  • Each tooth is individually examined, cleaned and polished.
  • Each tooth has it’s attachment evaluated and disinfected.
  • Patients are evaluated thoroughly evaluated prior to anesthesia, including blood testing, to identify any risks. Anesthesia for teeth cleaning is a low-risk procedure.

DO NOT let your pet’s mouth be damaged with painful infection because you are afraid of anesthesia.


severe periodontal disease MVAMC


Note the redness and swelling where the gums and teeth meet. Tartar is heavy.
(original graphic by marvistavet.com)

DENTAL SPECIAL 2015 (February 1 - March 1)

Every February, we offer a specialist focus on pet oral health:

25% off professional teeth cleaning including pre-anesthesia labwork

Special includes:

Brushing Kit



red star 2
















red star 2
























red star 2












red star 2


Pre-anasthetic Labwork

  • mini-panels for younger pets
  • complete blood panel/urinalysis for older pets

General Anesthesia including

  • intravenous fluids
  • pulse oximetry
  • EKG
  • blood pressure monitoring

Six Step Teeth Cleaning

And to start you off on home care, everyone gets a Finger Brush Kit:


 Specials Start At:


Most Dogs and Cats:


Most Senior Pets:









Teeth Before Cleaning

Teeth After Cleaning

Teeth before cleaning

Teeth after cleaning

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(even if the scheduled date is after March 15).