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2018 January End of the Revolution free dose program; Canine flu outbreak in San Jose; Did You Know... many of the common bouquet flowers are toxic to pets?

2017 December Hospital schedule; Gift suggestions for your pets;Holiday hazards; Talking pets sing Christmas carols; Getting started making eCards; Did You Know... you can donate money to charity without actually spending money? Interesting External Link: Santa's Reindeer get certified early for flight this year. Check the paperwork yourself.

November Holiday schedule; Considerations for senior pets; Interesting External Link: A Purr Generator to relieve your holiday stress; Did You Know... 90% of cats over age 19 have arthritis? Got towels? We'd love a donation.

September September is Pet Insurance Awareness month; More on the canine influenza situation; Did you know... The Los Angeles City Planners have increased the number of dogs you may legally own from three to four? Featured external link: Catio King

June Don't forget noise phobia medications for sensitive animals; Did you know... the idea that one "human year" equals seven "dog years" is just plain silly? Featured External Link:; Ceva Animal Health upgrades Vectra to Catego for better Feline flea control.

April There is a dog flu outbreak in Los Angeles County; This month our feline patients can upgrade from Vectra to Catego for better flea and tick control; Interesting external link: The Shelter pet Project; Did you know... The Easter Lily is pretty but toxic to cats?

March CicLAvia - Culver City Meets Venice; Remember to start up your pet's flea control; Did you know... there are plenty of common house and garden plants that are pet safe? Featured External Link: What is the Pet Effect and Why Is It Important?

February National Veterinary Dental Month is here!  What's Included and Pricing; Why pets need teeth cleaning; What's involved with teeth cleaning; The new Oravet chews and other home care options; Using pet insurance to pay for teeth cleaning.


New medical developments for dogs: what's coming and what's already here; Don't forget your rebate if you bought Comfortis or Trifexis in 1916; Interesting external link: Healthy Pets Healthy Families 2017 Calendar; Did you know... you can get a $25 credit when you refer a friend?
2016 December Holiday hours; holiday pet hazards; For nervous dogs and cats: Sileo Gel and the Cat Martini; Girl Scout Troup #2155 visits; Featured external link: how to donate money to charity without spending money yourself; Did you know... you can get a $25 credit when you refer a friend?

October The 16th Annual Haute Dog Howl'oween parade and costume contest; Interesting external links: pet Hallowe'en costumes; Keep your pet calm and safe on Hallowe'en; The Argonaught Best of the Westside is out: for the third year in a row, we have made it into the top 3 in the Best Veterinary Services category; Did you know... black cats are the least likely to get adopted at the shelter?

August Does your pet fear the vet? We have Sileo Gel for dogs and the Cat Martini for cats; Did you know... we have an on-line pharmacy so that we can more easily supply special medications and therapeutic diets? Los Angeles Animal Services has raised it's spay-neuter voucher value from $30 to $50

July Did you know... it is illegal to leave an animal unattended in a parked car in California if doing so endangers it's health or well being? Featured external link: dangers of heat stroke for dogs in hot cars

May Microchip tips; Got an itchy dog (or cat)? Try Atopica; CDC says not to worry about you pet getting the Zika virus; Adequan Injectable on backorder; Interesting external link: fun things to do with your dog in Los Angeles

March Spring pet owner check list; Easter safety; Did you know... we can arrange home delivery for your pet's food?

February National Veterinary Dental Month is here; Oral health information for pet owners (considering your pet's teeth, oral health affects the entire body, why is general anesthesia needed, what can I do at home to maintain my pet's oral health); How to pay even less with pet insurance wellness coverage


How do you like our new look; Feliway and Adaptil defusers are back in stock; The Cat Martini; New rebate program from Elanco; Did you kow... when you give your cat a pill, you should use a chaser of water or a small snack; Interesting external link: financial aid for pet care

2015 October

Hallowe'en pet safety; Take your pet to a hallowe'en party; Congratulations Rin: "A Hero Among Us;"