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Counterfeit Flea Products


The EPA has released the results of a multi-year investigation into counterfeited Frontline and Advantage packages sold in retail outlets. Forged packaging, mislabled dosages and more improprieties have been uncovered. The manufacturers of these products sell their products only to licensed veterinarians, so product sold in retail stores must be obtained from black market sources. In many cases, foreign sources are used to obtain credible packaging, and actual flea product may or may not be used.

Product purchased directly from us (or from any Veterinarian’s Office) is legitimate. In fact, purchasing from us (or from any licensed Veterinarian) is the ONLY WAY to be sure you are getting the true product.

The EPA has posted guidelines for how to determine whether product is genuine or counterfeit.

The EPA also has a site where you can report any possible counterfeit Advantage or Frontline products you may see in a store, either anonymously or with your name if you want a follow up of their actions:

Meriel, the company that makes Frontline, also has a web page explaining the EPA’s findings and enforcement efforts, and explaining how to tell the difference between the real Frontline and the counterfeit product:


The “counterfeit” products pictured here are humerous exaggerations, and the actual counterfeit products are harder to recognize.

Remember, Advantage, Frontline and Program are legally sold only through veterinarians. The price charged at retail outlets (whether a grocery store, a pet supply store or a pet supply website) are often not less. Plus, you run the risk that you may not be getting what you are supposedly paying for. Many people are still unaware that retail outlets cannot legitimately sell these products.